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Snowy Day
Wintery day on the farm. Snow and barn for a quiet landscape
Acrylic painting of an old 1939 truck
Winter Sled with Bridge
Small winter scene with barn, water and bridge.
Winter Blessings
Small acrylic painting of winter scene

A Word from Annette

Helpful Hints for Landscapes

Base coat the canvas with a pale color or gesso the canvas. Lightly sand, do not sand until smooth, you need some tooth to the canvas. Wipe off any dust. I don’t always do this for an oil painting but always do when painting an acrylic canvas. When base coating items in the pattern, it…

Clean Brushes

Keeping your brushes clean and shaped is so important to good paintings. To get the best performance from your brushes they should be clean an in good condition. Here is a helpful hint you might like to try. Purchase some of these sponges that are encased in a nylon mess. You can find them at…

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